Four corners looking southeast (Higgs Block)



Four corners looking southeast (Higgs Block)

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Sandra Couch

My mother's (Mildred Kuykendall) coffee shop "Millie's Tip Top Coffee Shop" was the second store in the block next to the horse buggy and man in the picture by Taylor's Garag.  Stores: ,(1) Foote's Carpet Store, (2) Mom's Coffee Shop (3) Grand Union Store/Crofut Meat Market/Winship/Dress Shop and Grill.  Appx. 1952 - 1972.  We lived in the apartment above the coffee shop. 

I lived in Jordan from about 1945 until 1962. 

My name was Sandy Kuykendall and I married Vince Couch.  My brother was Jerry Kuykendall. 

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