Jordan Study Club, picnic at Spring Lake



Jordan Study Club, picnic at Spring Lake


INSCRIPTION ON REVERSE [added text in brackets]: Jordan Study Club picnic at Spring Lake; BACK ROW: Mrs. Harry Converse [Florence], Mrs. Del Jones [Anna], [unknown], Mrs. Glen Blanchard [Edith], Mrs. Jim Howland [Cordena], Mrs. Chas. Strickland [Louise], Mrs. James Hudson [Annis].
MIDDLE ROW: Mrs. Humphrey Hendricks [Lydia], Mrs. Cora Kincaid, Mrs. Edgar Nelson [Marion], Mrs. Emily Brace-Doust, Mrs. [William] Leland [Gertrude, mother of Jessica Bramley].
FRONT ROW: Mrs. Nelson Ramsdell [Margaret], Mrs. Horace Whiteley [Sylvia], Mrs. Chas. Bramley [Jessica], Mrs. Josephine Webb.
Mrs. Emily Brace-Doust passed away in December 1941, so this photograph would have been taken some time before that.

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Joanne Kent Sanders

Mrs Edgar Nelson was my great grandmother

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